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hey guys, if anyone is actually still watching this community, i'm hoping to pick up some translations again. for the time being all i can promise are scenes, not whole chapters--my free time is very limited and frankly i'm so sick of Wonderland and Agrabah i could puke, so i'm basically just... going to be translating the scenes i actually care about. i'm also going to be locking this community, since my scans and translations keep turning up everywhere with no credit or completely altered and i'm kind of tired of seeing that. i don't go to the trouble of making high-quality scans and clean scanlations just so the fandom can abuse them. those of you who are already following me will be grandfathered into the community, as you guys have been here since i was on LJ, but as of right now membership is moderated and i'm not going to be accepting new members unless i know them personally or they come highly recommended. i'm sorry to have to do that, but i'm not going to put up with my hard work being used inappropriately, and fandom at large has shown time and time again that it cannot be trusted with such responsibility.

to clarify: you guys are more than welcome to save these scans to your computers. you may use the images to make graphics or icons. you may incorporate dialogue into your fics or RP applications or headcanon. basically, you are free to do with these scanlations whatever you like except the following:
PLEASE DO NOT redistribute these scans or any portion thereof to any location. that includes, but is not limited to, Tumblr, Photobucket abums, Mangafox, or any other manga reading websites. you may keep these scans in your personal collections, but you MAY NOT redistribute them.

PLEASE DO NOT alter these scans or images outside of appropriate manipulations for icons or other graphics. in other words: DO NOT REMOVE CHARACTERS YOU DON'T LIKE AND THEN REPOST THE GRAPHIC. i have seen way too many people just remove Xion from the scans i've made, and i'm really freaking tired of it. you may color, crop, rotate, resize, trim, or otherwise edit the scans as necessary for your graphics, but if the sole purpose of your efforts is to remove a character from the frame because they are cockblocking your OTP you can kindly GTFO.

if i discover that either of these rules are broken, i will shut this community down entirely. yes, that is basically me saying i will pack up my toys and go home. no, i don't care if that is childish. fandom's inability to respect the work of artists and translators didn't begin with me, but the disrespect of my personal efforts will end with me if it becomes clear that's what it will take. i really don't want to have to do that--i like to share my work with those of you who know how to behave--but unfortunately i can only take so many precautions to protect my own work and standards.

so long as everybody plays nice, hopefully it won't come to this, but i wanted to make sure we were all on the same page so there was no room whatsoever for misunderstanding. if you want to use something in this community for a project and you're not sure if it violates one of the above rules, please don't hesitate to ask me. thanks for your time and for sticking with me--i hope to have some new material up here within a week's time, but my work schedule has been really erratic lately. i'm supposed to have a new schedule by mid next week, so here's hoping. in the meantime i will be working on re-uploading all the scanlations and material from the old community.


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